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Table Lodge 2009
September 19th

The Head Table Officers:
WB Rick Wallace DR, WM Jake Loper, MWGM Thomas McCarthy, WB James McNeely AD

The High Point of the evening was the presentation of the 50 year pins.
Show here: WB Hoyt McIntyre, Br. Dick Kary, Br. Warren Jensen, and Br. Derald Morfitt.
Not pictured was Br. James Broberg.



The Master's Summer Project

A beautifully hand lettered sign to remind us, as we leave the dining hall, of our mission statement.

May 28th

Master Mason Degree with Dinner and Guests

Once again, on May 28th, there was a gathering of Five Lodges to confer the Master Mason degree on Four Brothers. The focus of the cooperative work was to divide the roles so each Lodge could participate in bringing their own candidates to Masonic Light. Thank you to Faribault #9, Star in the East #33, Tuscan #77, Fidelity #39 for joining Western Star #26 this evening.

Shown here are the new Brothers: Br. Steve Moline of Austin's Fidelity Lodge #39, Br. Jerry Boumeester from Waseca's Tuscan #77, Br. David Moen from Albert Lea's Western Star #26, and Br. Mike Perry of Waseca's Tuscan Lodge #77.

The evening contained a delightful meal between the 1st and 2nd sections of work.

Here are 58 people enjoying a Roast Loin of Pork and seasonal vegetables prepared by our Sr. Warden with cake supplied by Fidelity Lodge #39.

Whenever a Lodge is able to fill its sidelines, an Area Representative will be glad to bring tideings from the Grand Lodge. Here S. E. Area Representative James McNeely performs that duty in front of a full house.

If ever there was a more enjoyable meeting, we would be hard put to find it. Friendship and the meeting of fellow travelers, combined with good food and the excellent drama of the Master Mason degree. We enjoyed the beginings of 4 Brother's Masonic Careers.

May 14th

Fellow Craft Degree

When the date of the Fellow Craft Degree was decided, Albert Lea and Austin, who have had a long history of working together, decided to once again join forces for the work. Through the Dist 25 grapevine Waseca heard of the schedule and offered to add strength, support and another candidate. District Representative Rick Wallace, who attends as often as possible, represented Owatonna and then through a discussion over coffee one Wednesday morning, James McNeely, also of Owatonna offered his talents and skills to complete the party.

On May 14th four Lodges from District 25, gathered in Albert Lea to cooperatively put on the Fellow Craft degree for 3 candidates. The degree team was made up from members of each Lodge plus two distinguished members of Owatonna's Star in the East Lodge #33.

Shown here are the candidates. Br. David Moen from Albert Lea's Western Star #26, Steve Moline with Austin's Fidelity Lodge #39 and Br. Mike Perry of Waseca's Tuscan Lodge #77.
Pictured from Left to right are W.M. Jake Loper, P.M. Steve Claybourne (presenter of the work)and F.C. David Moen of Albert Lea; F.C. Steve Moline and W.M. Dean Johnson of Austin; and F.C. Mike Perry with W.M. Dennis Thompson of Waseca.
April 23

Dinner, Visitors and the Entered Apprentice Degree

Having been recently invited to attend Austin's Fidelity Lodge #39 to observe them putting on the Entered Apprentice Degree, We invited them back to attend our First Degree work. Along the way Rochester Lodge #21 decided to stop by for a visit also.
We ended up serving 43 dinners tonight.

A full dining room is a happy dining room.


          The evening's menu,                   visitors from Rochester Lodge #21

        and visitors from Fidelity Lodge #39.

Grand Lodge

March 27th & 28th

Western Star was represented by three of her officers. From left to right:
Steve Claybourne, Secretary
Jake Loper, Worshipful Master
and Cohen Rautenkranz, Jr. Warden.
Presenting the colors.
The color guard had Revolutionary War period uniforms.
They were very impressive.
Introductions, ceremonial presentations, awards and new assignments were mingled with voting for Grand Lodge Officers, approving changes to the Masonic Code and listening to some very good presentations. Education and inspiration were high on the list of activities.
The banquet was well attended. There were again entertaining speakers and afterwards music.

A Lodge's Highest Honor - The Hiram Award
Presented to Worshipful Brother Hoyt McIntyre

March 26th, 2009
W.M. Jake Loper presents the Hiram Award
to Brother Hoyt with his wife Frances.

Brothers and long time working partners
on the third lecture for the first degree,
Bros. Hoyt McIntyre and Larry Offenbecker.

George Washington Dinner
Feb 26th

Good Food

Visiting Brothers from Harding Lodge #649 Mason City
Superb Fellowship

January's Breakfast with help from the Choir

January 3rd Installation of Officers

Here is the gavel being passed from the outgoing Master Brandon Farris (Right)
to the new Worshipful Master Jake Loper (Left).

2009 Lodge Officers

Back Row: Treasurer Don Rippentrop, Senior Warden James Sousa, Worshipful Master Jake Loper, Installing Officer Past Master Jamie Kyllo, Junior Steward Ray Hangge, Tyler Bob Dammen, Marshall Bob Hahn

Front row: Chaplin Alfred "Lars" Anderson, Senior Deacon Troy Goodwater, Junior Deacon Lynn Berven, Junior Warden Cohen Rautenkranz, Senior Steward Robert Hill, Secretary Stephen Claybourne

Seen here is the Master of Austin's Fidelity Lodge #39, Dean Johnson
congratulating the newly installed Master of Western Star Lodge #26, Jake Loper.

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