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Presenting - Our Lodge
(established in 1858)

Our current building was built in 1907, by the Masons in partnership with the Albert Lea Fire Department Relief Association, from whom we later bought it outright and eventually sold it to the City of Albert Lea. Who, in 2008, renamed the theatre to the "Marion Ross Performing Arts Center" and added Banners and art work to the building. Our lights were moved to a higher more visiable location.

Located above the Civic Theatre.
We have our own entrance and there is an elevator to the third floor.

On a meeting night, the Tyler sets the Lodge up before the Brothers arrive.


With 30 seconds to "Opening" (clock above Prep room door) everyone is in place.

We have a great time at our Pancake Breakfasts,
raising money for our scholarship fund,
the Shrine Hospital and other charities.



What could be more fun than feeding happy people.

If you have never eaten an amaranth flour pancake...
Well, I can't describe what you are misssing.
Check our schedule for the next one.
Usually the second Sunday of the month, 8 times a year. (Not on Mother's Day nor during the summer.)

If you just want to meet and get to know us, Join us for coffee on Wednesday mornings.

There are rolls, coffee and conversation from 7:00 to 9:00 a.m.

You will find the fellowship as warm as the coffee.

We even have tea drinkers.

Wednesday coffee meetings are an excellent time to discuss ideas, plan events,

or just catch up on any projects with which anyone is involved.

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