Masonic Links

These are a few of which I know, and this is just the beginning I am sure ...

Some Minnesota Lodges and Web Sites :

Minnesota Grand Lodge - Lots of current information and excellent resources.

Ancient Landmark Lodge No. 5 - 200 East Plato Boulevard, St. Paul

Braden Lodge #168 - Triune Masonic Center 1898 Iglehart Avenue, St. Paul

Educational Lodge #1002

Mankato Lodge # 12 - 309 S. 2nd St., Mankato

Minnesota Scottish Rite Valleys

Minnesota York Rite
Mystic Lodge #69 - Rushford, MN  with pictures.    Recently FLOOD DAMAGED ..

Rochester Lodge #21 2002 Second Street SW, Rochester, Minnesota 55902

Saint Paul Lodge # 3 - A Traditional Observance Lodge - Triune Masonic Center - 1898 Iglehart Avenue, St. Paul

Unizar Lodge No. 347 - Triune Masonic Center - 1898 Iglehart Avenue, St. Paul

Other Sites and Interesting Stuff :

A Page about Masonry - Look around

Cinosam - MWB Neil Neddermeyer Past Grand Master of Minnesota - personal page.

Dan's Clip Art - Masonic and other.

Educational Officer - Ed Halpaus of Minnesota Grand Lodge

"Freemasonry Today" - an excellent 9 minute video Introducing Masonry
         Copyright 2004. Indiana Freemasons. All rights reserved.
         If you want a copy on CD, contact the Secretary.

Hiram's Oasis - more Clip art files

Iowa Grand Lodge

Iowa Invitation to become a Mason - Very good Quicktime movie

Masonic Magazine - Read - Purchase - Subscribe - Download

Masonic Restoration Foundation - A movement to create "Traditional Observance Lodges"
Traditional Observance Masonry is a response to some of the negative trends experienced by North American Freemasonry in recent years, aimed at reversing those trends and restoring the strength and dignity of the American Craft. TO lodges have a traditional approach to Freemasonry with an emphasis on the initiatic process. They seek to continuously maintain a Masonic Culture, Initiatic Focus and Traditional Structure. (See St. Paul #3)

Masonic Service Association

Masonic Videos

Masonic - Education, Newsletters, Articles and graphics.

Michigan Grand Lodge - Interesting thoughts

Missouri Lodge of Research - educational and instructional materials

Philalethes Society

The National Masonic Blue Pages - Need to make a Masonic connection... business or pleasure.

The Working Tools - A Masonic Magazine from Hawthorne-Fortitude Lodge #200 in New Jersey.

Wisconsin Grand Lodge